Easter is almost upon us!


We’ve just recovered from Christmas and already we are gearing up for Easter here at The Bread Roll Bakery, with a range of goodies made especially for this time of the year. Obviously we will be supplying the usual favourites, Hot Cross Buns, and who can resist the spicy aroma of oven fresh hot cross buns? I love them toasted and spread with real butter.

We also have crunchy Easter Cornflake Cakes, which the kids just love to devour. We are selling Easter Fairy Buns in packs of 4, which are another favourite with kids of all ages! Last but not least, England may not have an Empire any more but our Easter Empire biscuits allow you to pretend for a few minutes depending on how long you can make them last…

We really hope you all enjoy our Easter offerings and of course we wish all our customers a great Easter weekend and you never know, we might even get some sunshine!

March 2015 Week One

I am happy to report that our Pie of the Month, the Steak & Ale Pie has been very well received in the first week of this month. Each day we received more orders than the previous day, which is very satisfying for us as we do try our best to make products that are good value for money and also, very importantly, taste damn good. If sales continue at the present rate until the end of this month then the Steak & Ale Pie will most definitely become a permanent addition to our product list. When we state in our advertising that we use local products whenever possible, we really mean it and this can be seen in our Steak & Ale Pie as the “Ale” comes from a local Darwen Brewery called Hopstar. The Ale is called Lush in case you might be interested in a case 🙂


More New Products

Hi there to all my readers. (I hope I’m not typing to myself here :() Well March has arrived and with it we have a new Pie of The Month. This month we have created a delicious Steak & Ale Pie in conjunction with Darwen’s very own local brewery, The Hopstar. You can read all about it on our Pie of The Month page by clicking on the link above this article. We also have some new products at The Bread Roll Bakery and I am just waiting for photographs before I post the details here.

A few weeks back we installed a brand-new 5 deck oven in the bakery to cope with increased demand and to relieve the pressure on the guys in the bakery. It really has made a difference  as it combines the very best of traditional baking techniques with efficient modern engineering and unparalleled bake control.

We also have a brand-new website which has been totally re-designed with some nice slide shows of our products, so please take a look around, you might see something you like!

Smell The Bread…

Welcome to The Bread Roll Bakery and The Real Lancashire Pie Company’s first blog! Check out this page for news straight from the ovens of our Bakeries. We will be blogging about new and exciting happenings in the bakeries. For example we will be promoting a Pie of the Month throughout the year to try out some new recipes. This month February 2015 our Pie of the Month is the Bombay Potato Pie, which is suitable for vegetarians. I know that I am biased but believe me when I say they are really tasty and seasoned with authentic Bombay Spices. If you have an idea for Pie of the Month, please let us know and if your suggestion is successful you will receive a free hamper from The Bread Roll Bakery as a Thank You from us.